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2016 General Election: Post-Election Tabulation Audit Reports

Allegany County

Anne Arundel County

Note: In precinct 1-19, there is a difference in the number of ballot images for President/Vice President and U.S. Senator. Clear Ballot's Comparison of Votes Cast report show 834 ballots, while the voting system report shows 833 for President/Vice President and 835 for U.S. Senator. This difference is the result of two errors during the review of write-in votes for candidates who did not officially file as a write-in candidate. These errors do not impact the verification of the voting system's results.

Baltimore City

Baltimore County

Note: For precinct ‚Äč015-026, the voting system transferred election results but not the ballot images. This issue has been reported to the vendor and is the reason for the difference in Baltimore County's reports. This explains why the difference in the results is greater than 0.5% in some contests.

Calvert County

Caroline County

Carroll County

Cecil County

Charles County

Dorchester County

Frederick County

Garrett County

Note: Election results from Garrett County's 2 ballot questions had to be reported by precinct. To do this, election officials created for each precinct a unique contest for each ballot question. This enabled the voting system to report the results for these ballot questions by precinct. When Clear Ballot tabulated the ballot images from Garrett County, they tabulated and totaled the results by ballot question (not by precinct). This explains why the difference in the ballot questions is greater than 0.5%.

Harford County

Note: For the second absentee canvass, there is a difference of 10 ballot images in Clear Ballot's Comparison reports. This difference is the result of Harford County receiving and tabulating 10 timely absentee ballots after all other ballot images were sent to Clear Ballot. These errors do not impact the verification of the voting system's results.

Howard County

Kent County

Montgomery County

Prince George's County

Queen Anne's County

St. Mary's County

Somerset County

Talbot County

Washington County

Wicmoico County

Note: Voters in Wicomico County had a 2-page ballot for this election. During the second absentee canvass, election officials divided the ballots into two groups - page one and page two. They then fed into one tabulator all of the page one sheets and fed into a different tabulator all of the page two sheets. Because the voting system looks for a page one sheet, one blank page one sheet was scanned into the tabulator for the "page two" sheets. This single blank page one caused the 1 ballot difference in Wicomico County's reports.

Worcester County