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Baltimore City

Question C    
Bond Issue
Community and Economic Development Loan

Question C is for the purpose of authorizing the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore to borrow up to $36,000,000 to be used for, or in connection with, planning, developing, executing and making operative the community, commercial, and industrial economic development programs of the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore; the development or  redevelopment, including, but not limited to, the comprehensive renovation or rehabilitation of any land or property, or any rights or interests therein hereinbefore mentioned, in the City of Baltimore, and the disposition of land and property for such purposes; the elimination of  unhealthful, unsanitary, or unsafe conditions, lessening density, eliminating obsolete or other uses detrimental to the public welfare or otherwise removing or preventing the spread of  blight or deterioration in the City of Baltimore; the creation of healthy, sanitary, and safe, and  green conditions in the City of Baltimore; and authorizing loans and grants therefore; making loans and grants to various projects and programs related to growing businesses in the City; attracting and retaining jobs; providing homeownership incentives and home repair assistance; authorizing loans and grants to various projects and programs related to improving cultural life and promotion of tourism in Baltimore City and the lending or granting of funds to any person or other legal entity to be used for or in connection with the rehabilitation, renovation, redevelopment, improvement or construction of buildings and structures to be used or occupied for residential or commercial purposes; and for doing any and all things necessary, proper or expedient in connection therewith.