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Howard County

Question A    
Local Referendum by Petition
County Resources – Federal Immigration

The law prohibits using County resources for the following actions unless federal or state law requires it: (1) enforcing federal immigration and nationality laws or assisting immigration enforcement; (2) helping enforcement by collecting or sharing a person’s information; (3) asking a person about their citizenship, nationality, or immigration status or the status of another person; and (4) sharing a person’s status with another person. The County also cannot discriminate against a person based on their citizenship, nationality, or immigration status. County police can enforce state and local criminal laws and assist federal law enforcement other than their immigration actions. The police can also work on criminal task forces, even if a task force includes immigration enforcement, if County resources are not used for such enforcement and the police follow the other requirements of the law. The County must take specific steps to put the law into practice, including developing policies related to it, disciplining County employees who violate the law, and reviewing complaints of violations.

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