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Candidate Filing for the 2024 Presidential Election

1. Establish a Candidate Committee

A candidate for State or local office is also required to have established an authorized candidate campaign committee. File the Statement of Organization electronically now. The Statement of Organization is not required for Federal Offices.

If you have a candidate committee already established, please make sure the committee is in good standing with the State Board. If the committee has late fees or a civil penalty, the candidate must resolve the fees or penalty prior to filing. Payment can be accepted at the time of the filing.

2. File a Financial Disclosure Form

A Financial Disclosure is required for all State. The Financial Disclosure for state candidates is required to be filed with the Maryland Ethics Commission. A candidate can file a receipt as proof if the candidate previously filed a financial disclosure for the calendar year required for the candidacy. For additional information about filing the financial disclosure, please contact the Maryland Ethics Commission. Local candidates must file for office at their local boards of elections.

3. Complete the Candidate Information Sheet

Submit the Candidate Information sheet 24 hours prior to the appointment time. The form may be submitted by fax at 410-974-5419 or email at

When arriving for your appointment:

1. Wear a mask;
2. Only individuals with appointments may enter the building (no guests are allowed);
3. Practice Social Distancing; and
4. Pay the Filing Fee (Visa and Mastercard are preferred)

Filing fees depend upon the office sought. The fee must be paid either by check, money order or credit card. It is permissible for a state or local candidate’s campaign finance entity to pay the fee.

Note: Our in-person hours are Tuesday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm.

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