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2000 Presidential Election

Wicomico County Ballot Questions

Question A - Charter Amendment

Property Tax Limitation

An amendment to the Wicomico County Charter to provide that revenues derived from taxes on properties existing on the real property tax rolls at the beginning of the fiscal year, shall not increase, compared with previous year, by more than two percent (2%), or by the consumer price index for all urban consumers, whichever is less.

For the Charter Amendment
Against the Charter Amendment

Question B - Local Referendum

Transfer Tax

An act to impose a one percent (1%) transfer tax upon instruments of writing, as defined in the County Code that are recorded with the Clerk of Court or filed with the State Department of Assessments; providing certain transactions are exempted from the tax, and dedicating proceeds of the tax to fund school construction or pay indebtedness for school capital projects.

For the referred Law
Against the referred Law