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2000 Presidential Election Results in Other States

This table has links to the websites of all the agencies responsible for the administration of elections in 49 of the 50 states--Maryland is not listed--and in the District of Columbia. The "Election Results" column indicates the location of each of the agency's 2000 Presidential Election results. For those cases where linking to the results page was not possible please refer to the agency's top page listed in the "Election Agency" column.

The Federal Election Commission offers complete and official election results for all the United States.

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State by State Election Resources
State Election Agency 2000 Presidential Election Results
AKState Division of Elections See State Division of Elections' website
ALSecretary of State (SoS) See Alabama's SoS' website
ARSoS - Elections Department Results
AZSoS - Election Services Results
CASoS - Elections Division Results
COSoS - Election Center Results
CTSoS - Election Services Division Results
DCBoard of Elections and Ethics Results
DEDepartment of Elections See the Department of Elections' website
FLDepartment of State - Division of Elections Results
GASoS - Elections Division See the SoS' website
HIOffice of Elections Results
IASoS Results
IDSoS Results
ILState Board of Elections Results
(The Illinois State Board of Elections does not report unofficial results)
INSoS - Election Division See the SoS' website
KSSoS - Elections and Legislative Matters Division Results
KYState Board of Elections Results
LADepartment of Elections and Registration See the Department of Elections and Registration's website
MASecretary of the Commonwealth - Elections Division Results
MESoS - Division of Elections See the SoS' website
MIDepartment of State - Bureau of Elections Results
MNSoS - Elections See SoS' website
MOSoS - Elections Results
MSSoS - Elections Division See the SoS' website
MTSoS - Elections Results
NCState Board of Elections See the State Board of Elections' website
NDSoS See the SoS' website
NESoS - Election Administration See the Secrtary of State's website
NHSoS Results
NJDepartment of Law & Public Safety - Division of Elections Results
NMSoS - Bureau of Elections Results
NVSoS Results
NYState Board of Elections See the State Board of Elections' website
OHSoS - Election Services See the SoS' website
OKState Election Board Results
ORSoS - Elections Division Results
PADepartment of State - Election Information See the Department of State's website
RIBoard of Elections See the Board of Elections' website
SCElection Commission See the Election Commission's website
SDSoS Results
TNSoS - Division of Elections Results
TXSoS - Elections Division Results
UTState Election Office See the State Elections Office's website
VAState Board of Elections Results
VTSoS - Elections & Campaign Finance Division See the SoS' website
WASoS - Election Division Results
WIState of Wisconsin Elections Board See the State of Wisconsin Elections Board's website
WVSoS - Election Division Results
WYSoS - Election Administration Results