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2002 Gubernatorial Election

Ballot Questions

This page lists both statewide constitutional amendments and local ballot questions to appear on the 2002 Gubernatorial General Election ballot. The ballot language of those questions has been certified and is reproduced on the documents linked below.

Constitutional Amendments and Statewide Referendum appear on the ballot statewide. Local Referendums and Public Local Law Referendum only appear on the ballot in that county.

Maryland law does not permit for the Initiative process.

Statewide Questions

Statewide constitutional amendments:
- District Court Commissioners - Power and Duties to Issue Civil Interim Peace and Protective Orders
- Emergency Legislation Authority of the Maryland General Assembly
- Montgomery County - Use of Licensed and Certified Real Estate Appraisers in Eminent Domain Proceedings

Local Questions

Local questions are shown by county. Only the counties listed below will have local questions on their ballot.

  • Anne Arundel
    Questions A-H, Charter Amendments
  • Baltimore City
    Questions A-N, Bond Issues
    Questions O-P, Charter Amendments
  • Baltimore County
    Questions A-C, Charter Amendments
    Questions D-L, County Ordinances
  • Charles
    Question A, Code Home Rule
  • Dorchester
    Question A, Straw Poll
    Question B, Adoption of County Charter
  • Frederick
    Question A, Code Home Rule
  • Montgomery
    Question A-C, Charter Amendments
  • Prince George's
    Questions A-D, Charter Amendments
    Questions E-I, Charter Required Referenda
  • Talbot
    Question A-B, Chareter Amendments
    Question C, Referendum (Bill 808)
  • Wicomico
    Questions A-B, County Council Resolutions (No. 2002-7 & No. 543)