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2004 Presidential General Official Results - County Breakdown

President and Vice President of the United States

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County George W. Bush
Dick Cheney
John F. Kerry
John Edwards
David Cobb
Patricia LaMarche
Allegany County 18,980 10,576 25
Anne Arundel County 133,231 103,324 343
Baltimore City 36,230 175,022 462
Baltimore County 166,051 182,474 664
Calvert County 23,017 15,967 49
Caroline County 7,396 3,810 19
Carroll County 55,275 22,974 112
Cecil County 22,556 14,680 43
Charles County 28,442 29,354 55
Dorchester County 7,801 5,411 22
Frederick County 59,934 39,503 137
Garrett County 9,085 3,291 15
Harford County 71,565 39,685 171
Howard County 59,724 72,257 240
Kent County 4,900 4,278 16
Montgomery County 136,334 273,936 608
Prince George's County 55,532 260,532 373
Queen Anne's County 14,489 7,070 23
St. Mary's County 23,725 13,776 65
Somerset County 4,884 4,034 14
Talbot County 11,288 7,367 30
Washington County 36,917 20,387 75
Wicomico County 21,998 15,137 49
Worcester County 15,349 9,648 22
Total 1,024,703 (43)% 1,334,493 (56)% 3,632 (0)%

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County Michael Badnarik
Richard V. Campagna
Michael Anthony Peroutka
Chuck Baldwin
Ralph Nader
Peter Miguel Camejo
Allegany County4355167
Anne Arundel County7185101,261
Baltimore City432262973
Baltimore County1,2196672,070
Calvert County7044170
Caroline County332466
Carroll County307164435
Cecil County11879179
Charles County7863212
Dorchester County242152
Frederick County272124499
Garrett County231944
Harford County403213598
Howard County456175795
Kent County191250
Montgomery County1,0413742,271
Prince George's County3903221,052
Queen Anne's County4745107
St. Mary's County9457166
Somerset County131531
Talbot County4621100
Washington County12688267
Wicomico County7135176
Worcester County5132113
Total6,094 (0)%3,421 (0)%11,854 (0)%

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County John Joseph Kennedy
Daniel Robert Rezac
Write In
Lawson Mitchell Bone
Write In
Robert Abraham Boyle, II
Write In
Allegany County000
Anne Arundel County000
Baltimore City000
Baltimore County000
Calvert County000
Caroline County000
Carroll County000
Cecil County000
Charles County000
Dorchester County000
Frederick County100
Garrett County100
Harford County101
Howard County100
Kent County000
Montgomery County020
Prince George's County300
Queen Anne's County000
St. Mary's County000
Somerset County000
Talbot County000
Washington County000
Wicomico County000
Worcester County000
Total7 (0)%2 (0)%1 (0)%

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County Theodis (Ted) Brown, Sr.
Write In
Joe Schriner
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Other Write-Ins
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Allegany County009
Anne Arundel County00280
Baltimore City00182
Baltimore County01333
Calvert County1033
Caroline County008
Carroll County0082
Cecil County0019
Charles County0037
Dorchester County008
Frederick County02122
Garrett County006
Harford County1189
Howard County01161
Kent County0010
Montgomery County216641
Prince George's County05265
Queen Anne's County0013
St. Mary's County0033
Somerset County003
Talbot County0012
Washington County0143
Wicomico County0037
Worcester County0014
Total4 (0)%27 (0)%2,440 (0)%

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