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2006 Gubernatorial Election - Ballot Questions

This page lists both statewide constitutional amendments and referendums to appear on the 2006 Gubernatorial General Election ballot. The ballot language of those questions has been certified and is reproduced on the documents linked below.

Constitutional Amendments and Statewide Referendum appear on the ballot statewide. Local Referendums and Public Local Law Referendum only appear on the ballot in that county.

Maryland law does not permit for the Initiative process.

Statewide Questions

Statewide constitutional amendment ballot language:

  • Senate Bill 102 - Chapter 617 - 2005 Acts of the General Assembly - Board of Public Works - Disposition of Park Lands - General Assembly Approval Required Bill Text

  • House Bill 84 - Chapter 421 - 2006 Acts of the General Assembly - Court of Special Appeals - Right of Appeal from Circuit Court in Banc Bill Text

  • House Bill 413 - Chapter 422 - 2006 Acts of the General Assembly - Civil Jury Trials - Amount in Controversy Bill Text

Statewide Referendum ballot language:

  • House Bill 1368 - Chapter 61 - 2006 Acts of the General Assembly - Election Law - Voter Bill of Rights Bill Text

For more information, please see these non-technical ballot question summaries provided by the Department of Legislative Services.

Local Questions

Local questions are shown by county. Only the counties listed below will have local questions on their ballot.