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Talbot County

County Council Salary Standard Commission

Charter Amendment

Question B

The County Charter currently sets compensation for members of the County Council at $14,400 per year, with the President of the Council receiving an additional $1,000 per year. The proposed Charter amendment would authorize the County Council to enact an ordinance to establish a Salary Standard Commission composed of seven members appointed by the County Council in accordance with Article 25A, � 5 (AA), of State law. Under that State law approximately one year before the end of each Council's term of office, the Salary Commission would provide recommendations to the sitting Council to set compensation and allowances for the next Council. The Commission could recommend an increase or decrease in compensation for the next Council, but the recommendations could not be for less than the amounts set by the County Charter. The Council could reduce or reject the Commission's recommendations, but could not increase them. The Commission's recommendations would become effective for the next Coun cil if the sitting Council enacted an ordinance to adopt them. This process would not affect the sitting Council's compensation, which would remain the same throughout their term of office.