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Official 2014 Gubernatorial General Election Question Text

Last Updated 12/02/2014 03:17:02 PM
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Montgomery County

District Councilmember Residency Requirement

Charter Amendment by Act of County Council

Question A

Amend Sections 102, 104, 106, and 114 of the County Charter to: - clarify that a candidate for a District Council seat must reside in the district at the time of the primary and general election; - provide that a Councilmember elected by a district must reside in that district during the member�s entire term; - provide that any change in the district boundaries during a District Councilmember�s term does not render the Councilmember ineligible to complete that term; - clarify that any revised Council District boundaries apply in any special election held to fill a vacancy after the boundaries are amended; and - clarify that, if a vacancy occurs, the Council appointee, or the candidate elected in a special election to fill the vacancy, must reside in the district as it exists when the vacancy occurs.