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Official 2014 Gubernatorial General Election Question Text

Last Updated 12/02/2014 03:17:00 PM
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(Ch. 422 of the 2013 Legislative Session) Transportation Trust Fund - Use of Funds

Constitutional Amendment

Question 01

(Amending Article III by adding Section 53 to the Maryland Constitution) Limits the use of Transportation Trust Funds to the payment of principal and interest on transportation bonds and for constructing and maintaining an adequate highway system or any other transportation-related purpose. Also prohibits the transfer of Transportation Trust Funds into the General Fund or a special fund of the State, except for: (1) an allocation or use of highway user revenues for local governments or (2) a transfer of funds to the Maryland Transportation Authority or the Maryland Transportation Authority Fund. Transportation Trust Funds may be used for non-transportation related purposes or transferred to the general fund or a special fund only if the Governor declares a fiscal emergency and the General Assembly approves legislation, by a three-fifths vote of both houses, concurring with the use or transfer of the funds.