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Baltimore City

Question D
Bond Issue
Recreation and Parks and Public Facilities

Ordinance No. 16-492 to authorize the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore to borrow up to $45,000,000 to be used for the acquisition and development of property buildings owned and controlled by the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, the Enoch Pratt Library and public park or recreation land, property, buildings, structures or facilities; for the construction, erection, renovation, alteration, reconstruction, installation, improvement and repair of buildings, structures, or facilities to be or now being used by or in connection with the operations, function and activities of the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, the Enoch Pratt Free Library, public parks and recreational programs; for the acquisition and installation of trees, for tree planting programs and for the equipping of any and all existing and new buildings, structures, and facilities authorized to be constructed, renovated, altered or improved by this Ordinance; and for doing any and all things necessary, proper or exped ient in connection therewith.