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Official 2018 Gubernatorial General Election Question Text

Howard County

Question A
Charter Amendment
Deadline for Expiration of Bill

Amending the Howard County Charter to allow the County Council to consider a bill for seventy calendar days after its introduction and to approve, by vote of two-thirds of its members, a maximum of two 35-day extensions of the 70-day deadline. Currently, the County Council may consider a bill for sixty-five days before the bill expires, and the Council may extend the 65-day deadline a maximum of two 30-day periods by a two-thirds vote. The Charter amendment also extends the deadline for expiration of a bill to the next business day if the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday on which the Council does not meet, and to the end of a rescheduled legislative session if the legislative session scheduled before expiration of the bill is postponed because of inclemenet weather or emergency conditions.

For the Charter Amendment
Against the Charter Amendment

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