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Unofficial 2022 Gubernatorial General Election Question Text

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Question 2    
Constitutional Amendment
(Ch. 808 of 2021 Legislative Session)
Legislative Department - Eligibility to Serve as Senators and Delegates - Place of Abode

Adds to the eligibility requirements to serve as a senator or a delegate to the Maryland General Assembly by requiring a person to have maintained a primary place of abode in the district that the person has been chosen to represent. Under current law, a person must have resided in the district to which the person has been elected for at least six months immediately preceding the date of the person's election or, if the district has been established for less than six months prior to the date of election, as long as the district has been established. The new law requires, beginning January 1, 2024, a person must have both resided in and maintained a primary place of abode in the district for the same time periods as under current law.

(Amending Article III, Section 9 to the Maryland Constitution)

For the Constitutional Amendment
Against the Constitutional Amendment