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Voting System Security

Security Assessments on Maryland’s Voting System

Maryland’s voting system has been studied more than any voting system in the United States and, as a result, is the most secure voting system in the country.

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)

In response to an academic analysis of a version of Premier's source code, Governor Ehrlich ordered an independent security analysis on the State’s voting system and the election processes surrounding this system. SAIC conducted the security analysis in August 2003 and identified improvements in the voting system and procedures. All of the recommendations have been implemented.

Department of Legislative Services (DLS)

In the fall of 2003, DLS was asked to conduct an independent review of the issues concerning the purchase of the voting system and to examine and assess security and voting verification issues related to the voting system. DLS’ review included a review of the two prior analyses and overall security of Maryland’s election procedures. This review also resulted in additional recommendations, all of which were addressed.

Freeman, Craft, McGregor Group Report

In April 2006, the State Board of Elections engaged the consulting firm of Freeman, Craft, McGregor Group to review the voting system implemented in the State of Maryland. This report provides an independent review of specific areas that the Board and other stakeholders have identified.

Did you know. . .

  • Maryland’s voting units and central tabulator are never connected to the Internet.
  • Voting units are sealed from the time the ballots are loaded until election judges open them on election day morning.
  • Tamper tape is used to deter unauthorized access and alert election officials of possible tampering.
  • Votes are stored in two different places on each voting unit.
  • Unofficial election results sent via modem on election night are not part of the official results. Official election results are loaded from the memory cards the day after the election.