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2004 Mayoral General Election Official Results

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Baltimore Member of the City Council

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Name Party District Write In For Winner
Roberto L. Marsili Republican 001 No 2,673
James B. Kraft Democratic 001 No 8,285Yes
Matt Clark Green 001 No 1,882
Will Bauer Republican 002 No 1,277
Nicholas C. D'Adamo, Jr. Democratic 002 No 10,482Yes
Lorenzo Gaztanaga Libertarian 002 No 525
Carlos M. Torres Republican 003 No 2,320
Robert W. Curran Democratic 003 No 11,252Yes
Bill Barry Green 003 No 1,707
Armand F. Girard Republican 004 No 1,419
Kenneth N. Harris, Sr. Democratic 004 No 12,223Yes
David G. S. Greene Green 004 No 1,601
Elliott Cahan Republican 005 No 1,741
Rochelle Rikki Spector Democratic 005 No 13,484Yes
Terrence T. Fitzgerald Green 005 No 2,649
Melvin A. Bilal Republican 006 No 3,257
Stephanie Rawlings-Blake Democratic 006 No 11,325Yes
Owen B. Hanratty Republican 007 No 1,151
Belinda K. Conaway Democratic 007 No 11,388Yes
Helen L. Holton Democratic 008 No 8,930Yes
Jacquiline "Jackie" Johnson Unaffiliated 008 No 5,613
Agnes Welch Democratic 009 No 9,148Yes
Joe Collins, Jr. Republican 010 No 3,598
Edward L. Reisinger Democratic 010 No 8,474Yes
James Carlos Quigley Republican 011 No 1,416
Keiffer J. Mitchell, Jr. Democratic 011 No 12,450Yes
Dale Warren Hargrave Republican 012 No 475
Bernard C. "Jack" Young Democratic 012 No 8,313Yes
Paul H. Dibos Green 012 No 743
Joe DiMatteo Republican 013 No 794
Paula Johnson Branch Democratic 013 No 8,107Yes
Glenn Lowell Ross Green 013 No 1,243
Mary Pat Clarke Democratic 014 No 13,000Yes
Myles B. Hoenig Green 014 No 1,643

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