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2004 Presidential General Official Results

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Judge of the Circuit Court

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Name Party District Write In For Winner
W. Newton Jackson, III Judicial 01 No 29,057Yes
Richard Eli Jackson Judicial 02 No 28,921Yes
Thomas G. Ross Judicial 02 No 17,165Yes
Dana Mark Levitz Judicial 03 No 176,677Yes
John Grason Turnbull, II Judicial 03 No 183,316Yes
Susan Souder Judicial 03 No 186,780Yes
Vicki Ballou-Watts Judicial 03 No 188,212Yes
Maurice Whiteford Baldwin, Jr. Judicial 03 No 89,225Yes
W. Timothy Finan Judicial 04 No 24,040Yes
David S. Bruce Judicial 05 No 85,563
Michele D. Jaklitsch Judicial 05 No 90,486Yes
Paul F. Harris Judicial 05 No 88,350Yes
Paul Goetzke Judicial 05 No 93,405Yes
Rodney C. Warren Judicial 05 No 80,785
Stephen P. Beatty Judicial 05 No 53,163
Theresa M. Adams Judicial 06 No 79,071Yes
Daniel Patrick Connell Judicial 06 No 119,932
David A. Boynton Judicial 06 No 222,047Yes
Dennis Michael McHugh Judicial 06 No 221,419Yes
Katherine Savage Judicial 06 No 242,631Yes
Marielsa A. Bernard Judicial 06 No 236,364Yes
Amy J. Bragunier Judicial 07 No 46,560Yes
Cathy H. Serrette Judicial 07 No 192,655Yes
Graydon S. McKee, III Judicial 07 No 188,233Yes
William D. Missouri Judicial 07 No 188,502Yes
Karen Abrams Judicial 07 No 30,545Yes
Althea M. Handy Judicial 08 No 102,256Yes
Edward R. K. Hargadon Judicial 08 No 87,302Yes
John N. Prevas Judicial 08 No 89,333Yes
Sylvester B. Cox Judicial 08 No 95,601Yes
W. Michel Pierson Judicial 08 No 89,468Yes

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